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AAA: Md. Drivers Paying $2.41 Per Gallon

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Extended holiday gift. Gas prices are lower than they have been in at least a year--and that's even with the higher gas tax already in effect.

Gigi Barnett takes a look at what could cause the prices to creep back up.

At the stroke of midnight 2015, the fireworks went up. Gas prices nationwide continue to go down. AAA Mid-Atlantic says there's nothing in sight stopping the trend.

"Here in Maryland, we were seeing the exact same thing. In fact, as of Saturday, the statewide average was $2.40 a gallon. That is actually down eight cents from the prior week," said AAA spokesperson Ragina Averella.

Averella says even though a statewide two percent gas tax took effect on January 1, numbers at the pump haven't budged.

"We have stable gas prices as a result of what we're seeing with crude oil prices. There is certainly lower global demand and an overabundance of supply," she said.

The national average for a gallon of regular gas has fallen 99 straight days--that's the longest streak on record so far. It sounds good for drivers looking to fill up.

"It's very nice," said driver Ramess Malla. "Very nice for the commuting and nice for the getting around."

Jason Witte says he needs to see more of a drop for his vehicle--a minivan he calls his "gas hog."

"Unless they get below 89 cents when I was under Bill Clinton, when I first had my car, then I'll be jumping for joy. It's not there yet, so, you know," he said.

So just when could drivers start to see the gas prices creep back up? AAA says probably within a month or so. That's when the seasonal supply and the demand for gas change. Gas prices in the spring are typically about 30-50 cents higher than they are in the winter.

The drop is only going to continue for now. AAA believes the national average will drop another 10 cents over the next two weeks.

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