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A Unique Security Team Keeps Watch Over One South Baltimore Neighborhood. Meet 'The Riverside Watch Cats'

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A quiet south Baltimore neighborhood is just that for a reason. It's not because of expensive security. These guys just need a bowl of milk and to be left alone. They're the Riverside Watch Cats.

On the corner of Henry and Randall Street, it's as bizarre as it is real.

Watching over the south Baltimore neighborhood near Riverside Park is a security team totaling 40 pounds with not an ounce of tolerance.

Jessica Duprée is "Goose The Cat's" mom.

"He actually brought attention to somebody trying to rob somebody's house through the alley, she said. "He started wagging his tail really hard and staring, so I saw what was going on and we stopped the robbery."

Goose watches Henry Street. While fighting crime, he fights deer. He's not the only one to fawn over.

Melanie Nowak lives nearby.

"Before we bought our house, we were touring it," Nowak said. "We got to the rooftop deck and Speedy was sitting on top, so it was like he wanted to make sure we were good for the neighborhood."

Speedy covers Randall. He certifies transportation.

"He seems to really feel like he needs to protect the cars around us, so if I have to go to work, sometimes I'll see the paw prints on my glass, on my glass window shield," Nowak said.

Amy Sylvia is a believer, too. She's seen it with her own eyes.

"Speedy, our grey neighborhood cat, sits on my car often and my car has never been robbed," she said. "Correlation is causation!"

There's also Hercules on William and Montgomery Street, but WJZ couldn't find his PIO to speak to us.

This neighborhood watch has left Riverside "feline more fur-tunate" than most.

Nowak, originally from New Jersey, loves her protected neighborhood.

"We appreciate speedy for the radius he has near us but it sounds like Goose and Waffle and all these other cats are doing a good job," she said with a smile. "Walk a few blocks in either direction and you'll probably see them."

If you'd like to follow Goose on Instagram, it's goose.thesobocat.

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