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73-year-old stabbed 25 times to death by granddaughters boyfriend

73-year-old stabbed 25 times to death by granddaughters boyfriend
73-year-old stabbed 25 times to death by granddaughters boyfriend 02:16

BALTIMORE - A 73-year-old woman is dead after police say a man stabbed her in her home Thursday afternoon.   

Angelo Spencer is being held without bond on murder and rape charges after police say he killed a woman in her bel air home, then assaulted her teenage granddaughter.   

All is quiet Friday along Bedford Road in Bel Air after a longtime resident was killed in her home on Thursday. 

A local neighbor described the incident as a, "total shock—total disbelief. So undeserving to such a kind person." 

Bel Air police identified Cathy Bland, a 73-year-old grandmother as the victim.   

Bland was stabbed 25 times just inside her front door by a man police say was there to see her granddaughter.  

Chief Charles Moore said Spencer, "used a knife to stab and kill her. Just disgusting. Likely dozens of stab wounds.".

Harford County sheriff's deputies arrested 24-year-old Angelo Spencer at his home in Abingdon around 3:30 Thursday afternoon. 

Spencer was identified in court documents as the ex- boyfriend of Bland's 17- year- old granddaughter.

"If we could figure out what gets in the mind of these deranged people—these despicable people—that drives them to do something so disgusting like this, I wish we could figure it out." said Chief Moore.

Court documents say spencer admitted to stabbing bland with a pocketknife telling investigators he "panicked and then continued to stab" her multiple times.   

Moore also went on to say, "we don't know what drove him to want to do something like that—just disgusting." 

Spencer is accused of assaulting Bland's granddaughter upstairs before leaving the house. Co- worker Charlotte Green supported Spencer in court Friday and calls him a good man.   

"I just can't believe this is happening." said Green. "I just can't. This is not him. Something had to make him snap."   

Neighbors in the homestead village neighborhood remember Bland for her heart. 

One of her neighbors described her as, "A very caring person...always willing to help someone."   

Spencer appeared by video for his bail review Thursday afternoon, electing not to speak. 

He faces the rest of his life in prison. 

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