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Police Make Arrests; Protests Continue Over Freddie Gray's Death

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The march gets more emotional and the police presence gets bigger, as demonstrations continue over Freddie Gray's controversial death.

Christie Ileto has more on the ongoing protests on Baltimore streets.

Starting at City Hall, marchers weave through rush hour, stopping traffic to take their message of justice for Freddie Gray across the city.

"I am supporting every day of my life," one woman said.

"Black lives are all lives, black lives are human lives, black lives are all lives," said Melissa Rickey.

We know the 25-year-old for his arrest, suffering a severe spinal injury while in police custody. His death death sparks a movement.

"I expected to fight for him in court, but I can't do that now," said Ann Stewart Hill, public defender.

Ann Hill was Gray's public defender when he was facing drug charges.

Ileto: "What would you say the relationship is between let's say your client and the police?"

Hill: "No trust. We have no trust, really. We see cases every day where it's quite obvious that the police are either embellishing what happened or lying about what happened."

Click here for the latest on the investigation into Freddie Gray's death.

Residents flock to prayer vigils near Gray's home, while other voice frustrations with six nights of protests--and no signs of slowing down.

At one point, police arrest two people for disorderly conduct and property destruction. Thirty-two state troopers are brought in for crowd control.

"We're sending a message that we're not the people they say we are," said Pastor Wesley West.

Still, it remains unclear what happened when cell phone cameras weren't rolling--a mystery that's driving marchers.

We're learning more about the two people arrested: one was 24-years-old, the other 23-years-old. One person was arrested for property destruction, and the other for assault.

Stay with WJZ and for complete coverage of the Freddie Gray investigation.

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