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5 Ways To Organize Every Room In Your Home

Everyone has heard of spring cleaning, but what about summer? After all that spring cleaning is done, the summer months are a great time to get organized. In fact, August is the best time of the year to buy storage containers, so think of it as “spring cleaning, summer organizing” when trying to decide how to get your house in order. Here are some tips on how to jumpstart your summertime organization plan and what to buy for each room of your house.


Kitchen Organizing
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The kitchen is the hub of the home, and it can set the dynamic for the entire house. If your kitchen is in a constant state of chaos, clear off your countertops and organize your cabinets and pantry with labeled storage containers. For small spaces, look for stackable containers, which are great for pantry items like flour, sugar, rice and cereal. June's graduation and July's wedding season means you’ll find huge sales on much-needed kitchen items come August, so now is the time to get rid of any broken gadgets and replace them. And if you need to replace a big ticket item like an appliance, wait for summertime deals on holidays like Labor Day, which is known to be a big sales day.


Bathroom Organizing
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It’s time to tackle that messy bathroom. Organize your medicine cabinet by doing an inventory of outdated items. Because, let’s face it, almost everything in that cabinet has an expiration date. Clear the clutter off of the sink counter, and consider utilizing that wasted space over the toilet, which is the perfect spot for a shelf or an extra cabinet.

Kids Room

Kid Room Organizing
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Under-bed storage can be a life-changer for cluttered kids' rooms. Purchase a shoe organizer for the closets to help keep it neat and tidy. August is also a good month to buy bed linens, (nothing like new sheets to help to spruce up a stale room!), and is traditionally a big furniture clearance month to pave the way for new merchandise. So, if you’re ready to replace bed linens or you’re eyeing a new bedroom set or a dresser for your kids, do it during the summer months.


Playroom Organizing
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The dreaded playroom is easily the most chaotic room in the house. Before the kids head back to school, stock up on storage containers to organize the playroom. You can purchase containers in a variety of sizes to store toys, books, video games and more. You can even utilize wall storage and shelving to keep floors clutter-free. In kiddie spaces, it’s a good idea to utilize clear storage containers so little ones can see what’s inside. A hanging shoe organizer is great for storing stuffed animals—just tuck an animal in each pocket and hang on the back of a door. And if your playroom doubles as a study space (or will be one someday), consider organizing things with modular pieces that can be expanded as kids get older.

Home Office

Home Office Organizing
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School students aren’t the only ones who can benefit from back-to-school sales. End of summer is a great time to stock up on office supplies, and that includes organizational pieces and containers to make your home office space more efficient. Even office furniture goes on sale this time of year! In addition, an organized office area won’t be cluttered with power cords, so consider investing in a power cord concealer to tidy up your computer and printer area. 

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