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5 Great Ideas For The Perfect Summertime Date

Whether you're dating a new prospective love interest or have been in a relationship for some time, summer is the perfect time to bring a little romance into your life. The hot, carefree summer days coupled with the warm, long nights allow couples to let loose, have fun and really enjoy one another's company. Here are five great ideas for the sweetheart or new romance in your life.
The Diehard Romantic Date
Summer Dates
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Nothing says nostalgia in the summertime like a date in the summer's eve. To harken back to the romance of days of yore, there's the outdoor drive-in movie date. If you have a large trunk, face the car backwards and pile up blankets and pillows to make the area more comfy for you and your sweetie. Buy some popcorn or bring your own desserts. Either way, be sure to pick a movie that your love interest would enjoy. If she wants a romance movie, don't take her to a horror flick. Nothing ruins a date more than watching bloodshed. Comedies are always a safe bet.

Don't have a drive in movie theatre nearby? Try a screen on the green or outdoor concert. Anything where you can sit on a blanket, pack a picnic and snuggle underneath the stars is perfect for anyone seeking a little romance.

The "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better" Date
Mini Golf Summer Date
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If your sweetheart has a competitive streak, use it to your advantage with an ambitious date. If you're both interested in the same sports, try shooting a round of hoops or running a 5k together. There's the traditional games like mini golf or games at the carnival when it comes to town. To avoid an unfair advantage, try something that neither one of you has done before, like going to a shooting range or playing frisbee golf. Smack talk if you dare, but remember that it's all in fun.

The Take a Walk on the Wild Side Date
Kayak Summer Date
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For those that like a bit of adventure, there's the great outdoors date. Get the heart pumping for more than the other person by going kayaking, river tubing or white water rafting down the rapids. Try zip lining through the trees or skydiving. Staring death in the eye and overcoming it makes your bond even closer. A bonfire with smores at the end of an adventure just caps off the perfect thrilling date. Are you a little more tame? Take a paddleboat and feed the ducks in the park, then snuggle up on a blanket to watch the sun set.

The Sophisticated Date
Wine Tasting Date
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If your girl gets off on intellectual conversation, take her on a sophisticated date like a wine tasting or walk through a sculpture garden. Does your sweetie like to travel? If so, show off your international knowledge in a themed date, like an Italian picnic––pack  some wine, artisanal salami and cheeses. You can picnic and then play bocce ball in the park. It'll show that you really put some thought into the time you're spending together.

The Foodie Date
Foodie Summer Date
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If your guy is a foodie, he'll enjoy something to titillate his tastebuds. Start a weekend date with an outdoor brunch at one of the trendiest new restaurants in town or a new spot that no one has reviewed yet. Looking for a day date? Take a trip the local farmer's market The beautiful produce, fresh flowers, warm bread and craft foods make for great conversation as you walk hand-in-hand around the outdoor market. Want to get out of town for a bit? Try a pick-your-own orchard. Working together to select the optimal fruits makes for a fun day with your sweetie. If you're both foodies and love to cook, decide on one fruit, vegetable or meat and go head-to-head in a cooking competition where you both make a dish based on the main ingredient you've chosen together. The loser buys the next dinner out!

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