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5 Activities To Do Before The Leaves Start To Fall

Fall is quickly approaching and with its arrival we'll see shorter days, crisper weather and busier schedules. It's time to take advantage of the remaining warm, long, laid back days of summer while they're still hanging around. Sometimes the activities that remind you of the summers of your youth can allow for the most enjoyable end-of-summer days and evenings. These five summer activities will help the transition into autumn feel less chilly.

Go on a picnic

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Enjoying an effortless, delicious meal with family and friends outdoors in a local park is one of those simple summer pleasures that is truly relaxing. Plan a simple, uncomplicated lunch that's easy to prepare and eat without a ton of clean up, but instead of plain old peanut butter and jelly, opt for gourmet options to make it special. Get a little fancy with gourmet twists on traditional, easy-to-make sandwiches––dress up a turkey sandwich by replacing white bread with a ciabatta roll and adding mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil leaves. Or make a veggie-lovers sandwich with cucumber, radish, avocado, sprouts and creamy goat cheese. Round out the meal with some gourmet cheese and crackers paired with grapes and a nice bottle of wine and that meal under the trees now feels like a vacation.

Splash around
Lake Swimming
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The days of basking in the sun and splashing around in the ocean, lake or outdoor pool are almost gone until next year. Take this opportunity to partake in your favorite water sports one last time before the water gets too chilly and you're relegated to indoor pools or outdoor hot tubs for the next few seasons. Wakeboarding, surfing, paddle boarding, river rafting, tubing, swimming––do whatever floats your boat and do it often before autumn arrives.

Go camping (or build a backyard campfire)

Camp Fire
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Very few things say summer like the sound of a crackling camp fire, roasting marshmallows and sleeping beneath the stars. Camping in the great outdoors is the perfect way to get out of the bright lights of the big city and into the beauty of nature before the reality of back to school time and approaching winter holidays set in. If roughing it in the woods isn't your thing, build a fire pit in the backyard and set up camping chairs and blankets so everyone can gather 'round the fire and tell scary stories. Before the cool nights set in, cozy up to a flickering fire with some campfire stories and s'mores fixings.

Attend an Outdoor Concert

Outdoor Concert
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Almost every city across America has some sort of outdoor live music offering. Regardless of your preferred genre, there are sure to be plenty of end-of-summer concerts that appeal to your tastes right in your own area. Whether it's a free park concert or an outdoor amphitheater, listening to live music while enjoying nature and warm breezes has a uniquely summer feel. Relish in the beauties of the outdoors coupled with that of the melodies of your favorite musicians for a pleasant summer farewell.

Watch the sunset

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Yes, the sun sets each day, but the fiery summer sunsets top the charts. Take an evening stroll through the neighborhood, a beautiful drive up a mountainside, or post up on your favorite beach or lakeside shore to take in nature's beauty. The simple act of witnessing a colorful sunset will take the sting out of the impending seasonal change.

Nicole Cormier is a hip-hop head with business ambitions who stumbled awkwardly into journalism in 2007 as Colorado Music Buzz's hip-hop editor. Nicole quickly became infatuated with Colorado hip-hop and devoted thousands of words to creating awareness of the inconspicuous yet insanely talented community. Nicole is the publisher and editor of the Colorado hip-hop e-magazine, and is also the Colorado Hip-Hop Examiner

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