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4MyCity Is Trying To Feed 8,000 Baltimore-Region Families For Thanksgiving. Here's How You Can Help

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A local non-profit is trying to feed 8,000 families for Thanksgiving this year. Amid a global pandemic and unemployment, struggling families might need food now more than ever, so 4MyCity is stepping up to help.

They currently have enough to feed 4,000 people but want to provide even more.

Chris Dipnarine started the organization about a year ago, but it has grown exponentially because he doesn't just collect and distribute food, he rescues it and sends it to those who need help.

Every year millions of pounds of food is wasted. The organization finds food that might not pass the beauty test needed to be sold in a grocery store and takes it to distribution sites around the Baltimore region.

"About 40% of food we use goes to waste, 70% of food we rescue would have made it to a landfill," said Jack Dupreay, director of operations for 4MyCity.

They even take the food that is no longer good and uses it for compost to grow more food in the future.

Vendors like H&S Bakery, Sudano's Produce and others can bring their surplus of Type II food here, knowing it will feed hungry families.

Ben Sudano has been donating produce to 4MyCity for about a year now.

"When you see people with smiles on their faces because they're not hungry? Its dynamite," said Ben Sudano, with Sudano's Produce.

Dipnarine said he grew up not knowing where his next meal would come from, so on a personal level this mission is crucial. He said he travels around the area trying to take the food that would otherwise go to waste.

"I'm asking for the food they want to throw away were going to restaurants supermarkets and this is food that would be going to waste and we are diverting," he said.

Right now more than $5,500 has been spent on turkeys for Thanksgiving meals, sold at a lower rate by Be Green, but Dipnarine wants to donate even more so he's asking the community for help.

To donate, head to

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