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34-Year-Old Frederick Man Charged With Animal Cruelty Over Alleged Abuse Of 2 Cane Corso Puppies

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A 34-year-old Frederick man has been charged with six counts of abuse or neglect of animals after he allegedly mistreated two Cane Corso puppies, the Frederick County Sheriff's Office said Thursday.

Authorities on Dec. 15 obtained a search warrant for the residence of Tiree Lynell Peck in the 6600 block of Granville Court after receiving a tip about animal abuse. They removed the puppies and collected evidence.

Following a joint investigation by the Frederick County Division of Animal Control and the Criminal Investigations Section of the sheriff's office, officials allege Peck tethered the dogs "for extended periods of time," limiting their access to food and water and ability to sit and stand.

Local officials were told Peck allegedly injured the dogs by muzzling them with "a makeshift device," police said.

On Wednesday, Feb. 2, the sheriff's office served Peck with a criminal summons.

David Luckenbaugh, interim director of the Frederick County Division of Animal Control, said his organization is pushing to gain custody of the dogs.

"The owner has declined multiple times to voluntarily relinquish ownership to FCDAC so we will watch over the dogs through the completion of the criminal case," he said. "Once the case is over, we will make every effort to obtain custody through the legal process. We adamantly oppose returning custody of the dogs back to Mr. Peck."

If successful, animal control will look to place the dogs in a breed-specific shelter.

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