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24 'Murdaland Mafia Piru' Gang Members Indicted In Racketeering Conspiracy

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Twenty-four people have been indicted in a racketeering conspiracy involving their participation in gang activities of Murdaland Mafia Piru (MMP), which allegedly operated in Northwest Baltimore and Baltimore County.

WJZ's Rick Ritter was allowed rare access early Tuesday morning as ATF agents raided the homes of some of the alleged gang members.

During a press conference on Tuesday,United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein announced the 2 dozen indictments, saying MMP members engaged in criminal activities in furtherance of the gang, including narcotics trafficking, murder, attempted murder, assault, extortion, obstruction of justice, witness intimidation and retaliation, and money laundering.

According to the indictment, MMP, also known as the "Mob" or "Mobsters," operated on the streets and in correctional facilities in Maryland and elsewhere. For many years, MMP--a violent subset of the Bloods gang-- has controlled the drug trade in large swaths of Northwest Baltimore City and neighboring Baltimore County, including Forest Park, Windsor Mill, Gwynn Oak, Howard Park, Woodlawn, and Walbrook Junction.

"Most shootings in Baltimore are committed by drug dealers, and conspiracy cases get their attention," said Rosenstein. "We can reduce violence by prosecuting members of gangs that foment violence."

According to the indictment, members and associates of MMP operated street-level drug distribution "shops" in various locations in Baltimore City and distributed heroin, cocaine, and crack cocaine, among other controlled substances.

bp padlocked baltimore

MMP's primary drug shops were located at a BP gas station in the 5200 block of Windsor Mill Road--which MMP considered to be its headquarters--and at the intersection of Gwynn Oak Avenue and Liberty Heights Avenue.  The drug shop in the 5200 block of Windsor Mill Road was particularly lucrative due to its close proximity to Interstate 70, which made it easily accessible to drug customers driving from western Maryland and neighboring states.

Earlier this year, Baltimore Police padlocked the BP gas station, but recently lifted the order in August.

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Rosenstein  says it was not unusual for MMP members and associates to sell over a kilogram of drugs per week at this location, which could translate to over $100,000 in drug revenue per week.

Daniel Board, Special Agent in charge with ATF Baltimore says MMP controlled good people's business.

"Specific to them today, we're talking at least 12 homicides, at least 12 other separate not fatal shootings," said Board. "They didn't just control drug trafficking, they controlled good people's business, they would literally go in and shut down people's businesses to traffic their narcotics."

Dante Bailey, known as "the Don," was the ring leader of the MMP.

dante bailey MMP

MMP members are required to follow certain rules of conduct. Members who violate these rules are subject to disciplinary measures, ranging from fines or work assignments for minor violations, to physical beatings or stabbings for more serious violations, to murder for the most serious violations.

MMP members enhance their status within the gang by carrying out acts of violence against rivals; for instance, members can earn a "lightning bolt" tattoo for "killing for the Mob."  Prospective members of MMP were required to successfully complete an initiation process and recite an oath of loyalty called the "Omerta Code."  MMP members were required to pay dues to the gang consisting of a portion of the proceeds of their criminal activities, and they were subject to reprisal for failing to do so.

Authorities say MMP members and associates use gang-related terminology, symbols, and tattoos.  They frequently identify with the letter "M," which is the first letter of "Murdaland," "Mafia," and "Mob"; with the color red, which is the color of the Bloods gang; and with the number "5200," which is a reference to the 5200 block of Windsor Mill Road.

The indictment charges the following defendants in the racketeering conspiracy:

  • Dante Bailey, a/k/a "Gutta," "Almighty," and "Wolf," age 37, of Windsor Mill, Maryland;
  • Dontray Johnson, a/k/a "Gambino," "Bino," and "Tray," age 31, of Windsor Mill;
  • Adrian Jamal Spence, a/k/a "Spittle," "SP," and "AJ," age 29, of Baltimore;
  • William Banks, a/k/a "Trouble," age 27, of Baltimore;
  • Randy  Banks, a/k/a "Dirt," age 38, of Baltimore;
  • Ayinde Deleon, a/k/a "Murda," and "Yin," age 31, of Baltimore;
  • Dominick Wedlock, a/k/a "Rage," and "Nick," age 29, of Baltimore;
  • Jamal Lockley, a/k/a "T-Roy," and "Droid," age 37, of Baltimore;
  • Dwight Jenkins, a/k/a "Huggie," and "Unc," age 48, of Baltimore;
  • Jacob Bowling, a/k/a "Jakey," "Ghost," and "Fred," age 30, of Gwynn Oak, Maryland;
  • Corloyd Anderson, a/k/a "Bo," age 33, of Owings Mills, Maryland;
  • Melvin Lashley, a/k/a "Menace," age 26, of Baltimore;
  • Devon Dent, a/k/a "Tech," age 26, of Gwynn Oak;
  • William Jones, a/k/a "Bill," and "Smalls," age 27, of Baltimore;
  • Jarmal Harrid, a/k/a "J-Rock," and "PJ," age 27, of Gwynn Oak;
  • Jamal Smith, a/k/a "Mal," and "Lil Mal," age 25, of Gwynn Oak;
  • Tiffany Bailey, a/k/a "Tiff," age 31, of Windsor Mill;
  • Takuma Tate, a/k/a "Oop," and "Ook," age 37, of Baltimore;
  • Maurice Pollock, a/k/a "Reese," age 22, of Baltimore;
  • Shakeen Davis, a/k/a "Creams," age 22, of Baltimore;
  • Charles Blackwell, a/k/a "Ci-Bo," and "Lil Charlie," age 21, of Woodlawn, Maryland;
  • Kenneth Torry, a/k/a "Kenny," age 39, of Owings Mills;
  • Delante Lee, a/k/a "Tay Tay," age 21, of Baltimore; and
  • Jay Greer, a/k/a "Champagne," "Montana Gold," and "Slick," age 24, of Baltimore.

ATF agents say they are still looking for 7 of the 24 individuals wanted for their alleged involvement with the MMP.

All 24 defendants face a maximum sentence of life in prison for the racketeering conspiracy. All but Spence also face a mandatory minimum of 10 years and a maximum of life in prison for the drug conspiracy.

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