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21 States Join Forces To Dismantle Md. Gun Control Law

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A renewed fight over Maryland's strict gun laws. Close to two dozen states are banding together to argue the law is too tough and it should be thrown out.

Christie Ileto has the continuing controversy.

A violent school massacre in Newtown is what prompted Maryland lawmakers to ban 45 different types of assault weapons and put a 10 round limit on magazines.

The 2013 fight for gun control played out in Annapolis, drowning out the objections of gun rights advocates.

Now, nearly two dozen attorneys general across the country are battling to dismantle one of the toughest gun laws on the books.

"I think the law goes too far," said Delegate Pat McDonough, who has been against the ban from the start. "All of these attorney generals [sic] are in agreement: this is an extreme law that went over the top."

In a November filing, 21 states argue the ban violates second amendment rights, as the weapons are typically used for things like self-defense.

But supporters of the ban aren't sold.

"That's not for self-defense. It's for attacking people," said one.

This isn't the first time it was scrutinized. Opponents challenged it after it was passed but it was upheld by a federal court judge.

"We are very confident that the higher court will uphold Judge Blake and her decision that Maryland's assault weapons ban doesn't violate second amendment rights but does protect citizens," said Vincent DeMarco, Maryland to Prevent Gun Violence. "Attorney generals [sic] from other states are trying to undermine Maryland's law to protect its own citizens."

A battle to be played out in court with the lingering images of Newtown at the helm of the fight.

Attorney General-elect Brian Frosh led the fight in the Firearm Safety Act and has said he will defend the gun law in court.

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