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2 Elderly Rape Victims Speak Out

GERMANTOWN, Md. (WJZ)--Two elderly rape victims in Germantown show remarkable courage.

Mike Schuh reports the two--ages 86 and 68--came forward to talk about the search for the man who raped them.

The rapes started at a townhome in Germantown.

The police sketched the suspect, who they say is Hispanic, 16-26 years old and 145 pounds. He crawled in through an unlocked window and raped a 68-year-old woman.

That victim is choosing to share her story.

"I am doing everything I can to make sure this arrogant little twerp doesn't get away with it, frankly," said the 68-year-old victim.

Two months after her rape, the same man crawled through the window of an 86-year-old woman and raped her-- right across the street at a senior living center.

That victim wrote a letter describing how that rape affected her. It's title: Hell.

"I have experienced hell in the form of a man, an intruder, a serial rapist," she said.

It's been seven months after the first rape, and the first victim was raped again by the same man.

"But as soon as his feet hit the ground and we looked at each other, we knew," she said. "Well, you wonder 'Why me, God?'"

Police want this man to be caught. And for an extraordinary hour, the two victims who'd just met sat side-by-side festooned with microphones, telling their stories and hoping their story stays alive so that the rapist is caught.

"They're courageous, they have a lot of character and certainly are going to be great witnesses," said Captain Paul Starks.

"This is not right," said the 68-year-old victim.

"You made the choice to prey on elderly women knowing they could not defend themselves," said the 86-year-old victim. "Really he should turn himself in and stop this. Otherwise, the next little old lady he breaks in on may have a gun under her pillow."

Police also announced an increase in the cash award for the man's conviction. It was boosted from $1,000 to $5,000. Call Crime Solvers in Montgomery County if you know anything about the rapist.

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