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15-Year-Old Jhosy Getson Portillo Shot & Killed In Southeast Baltimore Tuesday Afternoon

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A shooting in Baltimore Highlands this afternoon left a teenager dead.

"We heard gunshots in the back from the house."

Neighbors said they heard the sound of gunshots and rushed their kids inside before looking outside their window to see what was happening.

"They looked like they were arguing, but we seen three guys and they run away."

Across the street, sounds of commotion Brought Kewal Singh out of his bar and into the sidewalk only to find a teenager lying on the ground.

"He was lying over there in the next door and he was bleeding," said Kewal Singh.

Around the same time, Jose Portillo said he got a call from his son's mother.

"She called me and said, 'Help me, somebody killed my son,'" said Portillo who was at work when he got the call.

His son Jhosy Getson Portillo was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

"Somebody tell me it's not true, I don't understand why," Portillo said in an interview with WJZ Tuesday night.

This is the second teenager killed in the past week due to gun violence in Baltimore City. Jay'Nyi Weeden was shot last Tuesday and died over the weekend. She was also just 15-years-old.

Mayor Brandon Scott wrote on Twitter, "Ja'nyi's life was taken before she was able to fully reach her potential."

Portillo told WJZ his son celebrated his birthday just days ago. He bought his son red shoes for a present to play his favorite sport, soccer, that Portillo never got the chance to give him.

"I know he loved red and white," said Portillo, "and he loved to play soccer."

"We need to do more as a city. We need to remain committed and to honor his family and his life and his legacy because it is just so painful to watch someone lose their life like this," said Zeke Cohen.

A small memorial has been built where the teen was shot.

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