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100+ Marylanders Have Chosen 'X' As Gender Option On IDs In Wake Of New State Law

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- More than 100 Marylanders have chosen to list their gender as "X" or unspecified on their drivers' licenses and ID cards after a new state law allowing them to do so went into effect a little more than a month ago.

The state's Motor Vehicle Administration said 88 people have switched to listing their gender as unspecified since the law took effect on October 1, while another 15 new licenses and ID cards were issued with the "X" gender.

The MVA said people can change their gender without having to present documents verifying the selected gender.

Earlier this year, the Maryland State Board of Elections made a similar change for those registering to vote.

Washington, D.C. residents have been able to choose the gender-neutral option on their licenses since 2017.

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