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Police: 5 Arrested, More Than 2 Dozen Dogs Seized In West Baltimore Dog Fighting Bust

BALTIMORE (WJZ)— A major dog fighting ring is busted in Baltimore City. More than two dozen dogs have been seized by Animal Control. Investigators say the animals were forced to fight.

Meghan McCorkell has more on the investigation.

Police raided two locations in West Baltimore and found 26 dogs--one of them dead.

A sign on a West Baltimore home warns about a dog inside, but behind the blacked-out basement windows, investigators say they made a horrifying discovery.

"Blood splattered on carpets and walls. An actual ring where the dogs were being fought. Dogs were chained to the walls," said Baltimore City Police Detective Patrick Huter.

Eleven dogs and four puppies were found chained up inside. Animal Control collected evidence after one man was arrested.

Neighbors say they often saw the dogs with injuries.

"One of them...was missing a leg. That one died," said Tandre Bey. "Other dogs had bits and pieces of their ears, blood dripping. I don't even think he cleaned them up."

Police say they were led to that location on West Lafayette after serving a search warrant on Friday in the 500-block of North Fulton Avenue. There, detectives found marijuana, guns and evidence of dog fighting.

"They went into the location and they actually recovered at that location 11 dogs. One of the dogs was deceased in the backyard," said Baltimore City Police Lt. Col. Dan Lioi.

The bust on North Fulton gave police enough evidence to issue a search warrant for the West Lafayette location.

City officials say they take dog fighting seriously.

"If individuals will abuse animals, the likelihood that they will also treat humans violently is very high," said Baltimore City Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot.

That's why police say they are now aggressively investigating all cases.

All of the dogs that were seized have been taken to BARCS for treatment.

Five people in total have been arrested. At least three of them will face animal abuse charges.

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