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Toddler killed after hoverboard catches fire

Federal officials are looking into the first U.S. death linked to a hoverboard fire. Two-year-old Ashanti Hughes was killed and two other girls were injured. Jericka Duncan has the latest from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. EDITOR'S NOTE: A graphic in the introduction to the broadcast version of this story mistakenly displayed the name, logo, and tag-line of a company called Hoverboard Technologies. That company was not the manufacturer of the board that caused the fire, and has no connection to this tragic incident. Fire investigators tell us the device in question was a two wheeler, a distinctly different product from those of Hoverboard Technologies, which makes and sells only a unique one wheeled electric skateboard. Hoverboard Technologies helped develop the UL-2272 safety standard for "Personal E-Mobility Devices". and its products have not been the subject of any safety recall. We regret the error.
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