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The benefits of napping on the job

Whoever said "You snooze, you lose," never met Brian Halligan, CEO of a Boston-area tech company, who admits he sleeps on the job. And researchers say that can be a good thing: An afternoon nap has been found to improve performance, cognition and memory, and reduce frustration. Need proof? How about the 2013 Boston Red Sox, who put a nap room in the clubhouse, on their way to earning their World Series championship rings? Susan Spencer talks with Dr. Charles Czeisler, researcher Dayna Johnson, and "sleep historian" Roger Ekirch about the restorative effects of naps, how our sleep architecture has changed over time, and why sleep-deprived Americans spend almost $30 billion a year on items (from weighted napping blankets to odd-looking headgear) aimed at helping them catch some Zzzzzz.
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