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Yolo County DA drops challenge to finding that Davis stabbing suspect Carlos Dominguez is not competent to stand trial

Davis stabbings suspect Carlos Dominguez found not competent: What happens next?
Davis stabbings suspect Carlos Dominguez found not competent: What happens next? 03:12

DAVIS – The Yolo County District Attorney's Office said they are now in agreement with the psychologist's finding that Carlos Dominguez, the Davis deadly stabbings suspect, is not competent to stand trial.

Back in June, a court-appointed doctor concluded that Dominguez was not competent to stand trial. The doctor reported that they had diagnosed Dominguez with schizophrenia.

The DA disagreed with the doctor's initial report, however, and how they reached the conclusion about Dominguez not being competent.

But, on Thursday, the DA's office announced they had dropped their challenge.

"We stand by that decision to challenge the findings. However, based on the information that came out in trial and the recently initiated involuntary medication proceedings, we are now in agreement that Mr. Dominguez is presently not competent to stand trial," the Yolo County DA said in a statement.

Dr. Dana Anderson, a forensic psychologist, says the judge will now call for a competency restoration. 

"And the goal would be that they would receive treatment in a state hospital-like setting or state hospital," Anderson said.

There is no timeline for when Dominguez could be healthy enough for another competency exam. 

"Competency is very fluid," Anderson said.

Throughout the course of the preliminary hearings, Dominguez has spoken up in court – including interrupting his defense attorney to say, "I want to apologize and I want to say I'm guilty and forgive me."

Two people were killed in the Davis stabbing spree: David Breaux, a beloved figure in the Davis community known as the "Compassion Guy," and Karim Abou Najm, a UC Davis student who was just weeks away from graduating. A third person, a woman who was homeless, was also stabbed. 

Breaux's sister called on the community to remember her brother's mission while reacting to Thursday's news. 

"There is room for compassion within that law, and so I'm grateful to that someone suffering from schizophrenia is going to get the help he needs," Maria Breaux said. 

Maria plans to follow the case every step of the way in honor of her brother. 

"Humanizing everyone, whoever sat at his bench, he just accepted them," Maria said. 

According to the DA's office, the case will now be put on hold. Dominguez will be taken to a state hospital once a bed is available and will be treated until he is restored to competency. 

Dominguez will then stand trial once he's restored to competency, but it's unknown how long that could take. 

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