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Woman Found Dead Half A Mile Away From Fiery Crash Scene In Milpitas

MILPITAS (CBS SF) -- Blocks away from a car crash, a vehicle is found on fire, with the driver's body found nearby. Now Milpitas Police want to know how she ended up so far from the initial accident.

Around 3:30 a.m., a garbage truck was headed southbound on Milpitas Boulevard when it T-boned a silver Cadillac in the intersection. The force of the impact sheared off the trunk and a tire.

"I've seen something similar several times over my years, however it is very uncommon," said Sgt. Dave Morris.

Police found the Cadillac with help from a scrape in the asphalt that shows it made a U-turn and drove a half mile away. The car was on fire when the police arrived.

Turns out the driver had collapsed the car where she was pronounced dead. She was not burned and likely died from her injuries suffered in the crash with the garbage truck.

The driver of the garbage truck was not injured. The person who died in the Cadillac has yet to be identified.

Police are investigating the incident as a hit-and-run collision.

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