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Woman Accused Of Cyberstalking Kardashians Assigned Public Defender

OAKLAND (CBS SF) -- A Bay Area woman accused of cyberstalking Kris Jenner and other members of the Kardashian family returned to court Monday to be assigned a public defender.

Late Monday morning, 36-year-old Christina Bankston of Newark appeared before Judge Candace Westmore in an Oakland courtroom.

Bankson was arrested Thursday at her residence by special agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. She is accused of cyberstalking and hacking TV personality Kris Jenner, her family and two assistants

The majority of this court proceeding involved the defendant's use of the internet.

Westmore eventually ruled that Bankston – who faces charges of cyberstalking, identity theft, and cyber-extortion – will be allowed to use the internet as long as she doesn't discuss the case at any level.

The judge said she was worried about the intensity of the defendant's apparent need to be famous and wants to make sure her internet usage stays under control.

Bankston's mother was named her custodian and is now the surety in the case. Bankston posted a $20,000 bond on Friday without a surety.

As one of the special release conditions, Bankston is not allowed to drink any alcohol. It's alleged that she was ingesting excessive amounts of alcohol when supposedly committing crime.

Bankston will live with her parents in Newark for the time being and has been suspended from her job as a nurse's assistant.

Bankston's father told KPIX 5 on Friday that he and his wife have been dealing their daughter's mental issues for most her life. She was diagnosed as bipolar when she was 14-years-old

"You hate to say that about your daughter, but we've been going through hell over the last few months," he said.

She will eventually have to travel to Los Angeles where the charges are pending.

Bankston was appointed a legal counsel and will now be represented by someone from the Alameda County Public Defender's office.

Her next court appearance is on September 8th.

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