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Winter Storm Leaves Snow-Covered Peaks In Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- A wild cold weather front sent temperatures plummeting overnight and covered Bay Area peaks with a layer of snow, giving the region a winter wonderland look.

East Bay residents awoke Tuesday morning to a Sierra-like view of a snow-covered Mt. Diablo as the front whipped up gusts over 30 mph that sent the wind chill tumbling into the 20s.

Tuesday morning's winds, chill and snow were a postcard send off for a storm front that triggered a wild day of weather across Northern California on Monday.

Heavy downpours, thunder showers, hail storms, funnel clouds and blizzard-like conditions in the Sierra were reported across the region as the front roared through.

The snow on Tuesday didn't stop cyclists from taking in the wonder atop Diablo.

"Look at that! It's like the Italian alps," said Greg Norman, who rode up to Mount Diablo with Linda Kwong to see the snow.

But by noon the snow was quickly melting away.

"Not a cloud in the sky. It's gorgeous," said Alamo resident Doug Abbott. "The snow is at 2,000 feet. To turn around and see the Pleasanton-Livermore Hills, it's pretty neat to see"

For some it was a day to play. For others it was a day to take work outside.

"We thought getting out of the building would be good - in the snow!" said Carie Clark.

For Matt Grassman – who was walking with his dog Tank -- Tuesday's snow was a chance to reflect. His mother had passed away overnight.

"She liked to live in the moment. And so if she saw an opportunity like this, she would encourage us to take it. It was a good chance to celebrating her, said Grassman, his voice trembling with emotion.

Blizzard like Sierra snow conditions also occurred just above the Livermore Valley at about 2 a.m. Tuesday morning as the last of the storm blew out of the area.

Rural commuters had their hands full on snow-covered Mines Road which saw snow levels dip down below 1,500 feet. The heavy snow stuck to trees and the ground for a short time, but let up after a brief flurry.

While it was a treat to see when the sun came up, many roads were icy and made driving extremely tough.

There was enough snow early on to get creative building snowmen, like one Livermore family did.

Monday's storm was the first of two slated to arrive in the area this week following bone dry conditions for much of February.

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