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Wildlife Workers Rescue Trapped Trout From Drought Stricken Gilroy Creek

GILROY (CBS SF) -- A rescue operation is underway Wednesday afternoon to catch and save a federally threatened fish stranded in a South Bay creek that's quickly drying up.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife workers and volunteers are trying to catch as many steelhead trout as possible from the Uvas Creek in Gilroy.

A small electrical charge is bring used to nudge the fish into nets. They'll then be released three miles upstream at the base of the dam.

As the historic drought continues, the department plans to make several efforts around the state to rescue more endangered fish stuck in drought stricken waterways.

Uvas Creek is fed from an upstream reservoir that is currently at 11 percent capacity. The water flowing downstream is not enough to support the steelhead movement in the stream, according to department officials.


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