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Wild Fan Celebration Erupts Following San Francisco 49ers Last-Second Playoff Win

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- As 49ers kicker Robbie Gould's playoff game winning field goal crossed through the goalpost Saturday night, a wild celebration erupted across San Francisco as fans streamed into the streets of North Beach and the Mission District.

For much of the game the outcome remained in jeopardy. Fans hoped and prayed for the best, but remained on edge as the 49ers offense went into a deep freeze.

Thanks to a pair of blocked kicks and San Francisco's stout defense, the game remained close. Then came the final drive and the 45-yard Gould field goal to send the 49ers into next weekend's NFC Championship Game.

"Honestly, that kick was unreal," said Stephen Panis as he stood outside a North Beach bar. "But that is what we expect out of a Niner game. Robbie Gould is a legend. Every time we saw him kick the ball, we were ready."

There was standing room only at The Boardroom and Northstar Cafe across the street, as fans packed the parklets.

"I get here and then they punted it and I was like holy [expletive] they blocked it and they tied it, and so then we got really excited, and we crowded by the TV, so awesome," said one Niners fan.

"It's a pretty big deal, I've been a fan of the 49ers since '84, I got Patrick Willis, I got my boy, so it's exhilarating," said Ashley Sawyer of San Francisco.

"I was elated, I didn't know how to control myself, it was incredible - way to end the game," Seamus McCullagh of San Francisco.

The Niners' 4th quarter rally was not what Packers fans wanted to see.

"We had the game, in the end it should have been 17-3 at halftime, but I have good friends with me, so you lose a game, but you move on, what are you going to do," said Daniel Mendel.

While the crowd in North Beach was relatively well behaved. Crowds in the Mission District were unruly.

"We have reports of sideshows in the area and we are responding with our Stunt Driving Response Unit to address the crowds who are possibly celebrating," a San Francisco police spokesman told KPIX.

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