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WiFi-Emitting Wall Coming To Block Out Sun On San Francisco Beach

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) - Should the unthinkable happen on a San Francisco beach - a sunny, warm day - you may soon have a place to hide from that unfamiliar heat-emitting orb in the sky.

"Shadow WiFi" is a towering wall structure that blocks out the sun while providing free Wi-Fi to anyone huddled up to it. The intent of the 4-story instillation, which recently debuted on a Peruvian beach, is to raise awareness about the risk of skin cancer.

"It gives you free WiFi while you're in the shadow," according to a promotional video for the campaign. "When the shadow moves, you have to follow it to stay connected."

To actually get on the connection you have to go through a registration page that includes cancer prevention tips. The instillation was done in partnership with a local health agency, with similar partnerships planned in other countries.

"It will also be set up in New Zealand, San Francisco among others," according to the creators.

The promotional video for the product explains how the wireless signal follows the shade.

Shadow Wifi by Happiness on YouTube

The company behind the Peru campaign, Happiness Brussels, says they are working with FCB Health, a New York-based ad agency, to bring the project to the states. Despite the mention in the video, a company representative said there is no firm date for the project's Bay Area debut.

"We are in contact with various health agencies in the U.S," said Chief Creative Officer Geoffrey Hantson told CBS San Francisco. "Chances are high that we'll install Shadow Wifi in different cities on different beaches."

When asked if it's a concern that San Francisco beaches are foggy 80% of the year Hantson said they'd try to be sure they hit the other 20 percent with their temporary project.

"It's a very behavioral idea. It doesn't just inform people about the dangers of too much sun. It gives them a really good reason to actually seek some shade: free WiFi," Geoffrey Hantson, told Ad Week


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