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Where In The Bay Area To Watch Your Favorite World Cup Team

(CBS SF) - There's noting worse than settling in for the big game only to find out that the guy camping out next to you at the bar is a loudmouth fan of the opposing team. So where do you go in the Bay Area if you want to be surrounded by like minded hooligans puffing their vuvuzelas at appropriate times? Were on a hunt to find all of the best viewing locations by country. This is our first crack at it, so if you have a great watching spot for Ivory Coast fans or know the go-to bar for Ghana fans, help us out with a comment below.

USA - Mad Dog In The Fog - San Francisco
There are no shortage of hangouts for Sam's Army in the Bay Area. We've listed a few of our SF favorites here, but that leaves out other popular hangouts like Kezar, Steffs, The Chieftain in the city Commonwealth in Oakland, the Englander in San Leandro and Jacks bar in San Jose. Mad Dog gets the nod here mostly because I attended a 2010 game with my pregnant wife and the crowd of legit soccer fans were so vocal it shook the room and I was honestly fearing for my unborn child's safety. Don't go here to get comfy (or with a full bladder) the crowd will be rocking.

BRAZIL - Pizza Orgasmica (various locations)
That's right, you're watching a Latin American squad in a pizza joint. It seems strange, but hang with me here. This place is owned by Brazilians, and they even got in hot water for painting their Marin restaurant to match the country's flag. At the sit-down locations (i.e. not the one where you go for a drunken slice in the SF Marina) they offer a Brazilian menu. They say they'll be open for all 9 a.m. games and offering BBQ. There are several TVs throughout the restaurants, so you should have a great view of the host team.

ITALY  - Anywhere in SF's North Beach
Never the Italian pride on display in North Beach never feels more authentic than during the World Cup. Cruising down Columbus while the Azzurri are on the pitch is a must-do for San Francisco soccer fans. Bars and restaurants that normally lure in mostly tourists are packed with Italians hoping Mario Balotelli can lead a return to glory.

ENGLAND - The Englander Pub - San Leandro
This is a well known East Bay hangout for soccer heads, and the establishments name gives you all the info you need to know about where their allegiances lie during the World Cup. It's the perfect place to commiserate with fellow expats who will also be crushed by yet another disappointing performance. They'll be playing all the games, so you'll be able to quickly switch allegiances. The menu offers lumpia, popcorn shrimp and zuchini sticks among other additions to the traditional pub grub fare, so you stomach should at least leave satisfied.

GERMANY -Rosamunde Sausage Grill - Oakland and SF Mission Locations
There are a handful of traditional beerhouses that fit the bill here, but we picked Rosemond because they promises to be open well before kickoff, allowing you to get a solid brunch base before a full day of screaming at the television. Plenty of canned, bottled and draft bears available to ease your tensions as they navigate the "group of death."

Mexico - El Farolito Bar - SF Mission
This bar near the 24th street BART stop is a bit divey, but gets high marks for die-hard fans and solid drinks. Order food next door before you bar hop the district cheering on team Mexico. Sorry, they don't appear to have a website.

Where are our Argentine, Russian and Spanish bars? Haven't found one yet. If you know of one, leave a comment below and help us out or let us know how the list should be revised.

For local angels and updates on the World Cup, click here.

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