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When Will The Storm Hit? Massive Thursday Storm Hour-By-Hour Forecast

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) -- Thursday's massive storm could be the biggest since 2008, possibly the biggest since 1998 with wind gusts over 100 miles per hour screaming over the top of the Sierra, and rainfall amounts forecast above 8 inches for coastal mountains. The key is WHEN it all hits, and that's where the KPIX FutureCast forecast comes in.

The following images break down the predicted rainfall amounts, hour by hour from 12 a.m. Thursday morning through the evening.

The purple areas indicate torrential rainfall of over 1 inch of rain per hour, leading to flash floods and extremely dangerous driving conditions.
CLEAR YOUR OWN DRAINS: SF asks citizens to help rake leaves from storm drains
In the 6 a.m. freeze frame, a massive band of rain is seen hitting Santa Rosa and moving south as the times progress.  Notice the clock on the upper right corner of the image.

The worst appears to hit the biggest commutes around 8 a.m.

Notice where the purple areas of heaviest rainfall are hitting each hour, to see how your commute will be affected.

LK FutureCast 48Hr 12am
LK FutureCast 48Hr 2am
LK FutureCast 48Hr 4am
LK FutureCast 48Hr 6am
LK FutureCast 48Hr 8am
LK FutureCast 48Hr 10am
LK FutureCast 48Hr 12pm
LK FutureCast 48Hr 2pm
LK FutureCast 48Hr 4pm
LK FutureCast 48Hr 6pm

(Images are the FutureCast data for December 10th and 11th, 2014 as massive storm bears down on the Bay Area).

Listen live to storm coverage from KCBS Radio with weather and traffic every ten minutes during the storm.

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