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When the forecast is 115 degrees in Brentwood, there are few places to escape the heat

Temps soar past 110 in Brentwood as heat wave drags on
Temps soar past 110 in Brentwood as heat wave drags on 02:39

BRENTWOOD (KPIX) - The heat wave sweeping the Bay Area has been especially brutal in Contra Costa County. After six days of hot weather Brentwood was expected to get up to 115 degrees on Tuesday..

People tried to limit the time they spent outside and in the sun around downtown Brentwood, as another day of triple-digit temperatures left few options for relief from the heat. 

"It's cool, we're keeping the air on but we're trying to keep it on more at nighttime because it's cheaper," said Justice Smith, a Brentwood resident who walked to City Park with her daughter. "It's really refreshing seeing her cool down, have fun, still knowing that it's so hot."

There was a splash pad with recirculated water from the city's irrigation running throughout the day. Smith was glad she had a way to keep her family cool in the middle of a heat wave. 

"She's enjoying it, I'm having a good time cooling down with her," she told KPIX 5. "Any little chance of refreshment we'll take it."

Oak Street had plenty of cars parked on either side but few people staying on the sidewalk. Cit Park was mostly empty but people were constantly going in and out of the library in downtown, another spot to cool off in the middle of the day. 

"I'm staying in the shade. Drinking a lot of water. Not walking as much," said Arius Fojas, a senior at Liberty High School in Brentwood. "It's hot, it's more stuffy, it's a lot cooler on the bus than outside."

Fojas takes the bus from Oakley into town for school. The bus is still uncomfortable but feels a lot better than standing outside. A wooden bench in the shade also makes a difference than the bus stop made out of metal in the sun. 

"It's never going to be cool in this heat but there are things that will help you," Fojas told KPIX 5. "Sitting in the shade is a lot better just in the few feet."

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