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What To Watch Over The Holiday Weekend

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(CBS SF) - KCBS Entertainment Reporter Jan Wahl has some suggestions for can't-miss films as we approach New Year's Eve.

KCBS Entertainment Editor Jan Wahl:


Jan Gives Four Hats To The Following:


"Young Adult" (R), starring Charlize Theron as the popular girl who has grown up and is now desperate to find a way to make the vapid and superficial more meaningful. Her solution: grab a boy from the past and stay young forever. It's a smart and feisty story, with a strong and gusty performance by Theron. (Pictured above)


"Hugo" (PG)
is a tough sell for adults, but it's a movie that delivers gorgeous visuals and a strong story. The viewer is transported to 1930s Paris, compete with historic train station and colorful characters. A lonely boy lives behind the station's clocks, and is soon part of a suspenseful adventure.


"A Dangerous Method" (R) is an engrossing, fact-based film that explores scientific ambition, psychotherapy and sexual desire. It's the story of one episode in Dr. Jung's life, forcing him to seek out his mentor, Dr. Freud, as well as come to terms with a troubled, intelligent young woman. Viggo Mortensen and Keira Knightley make history come alive.
Other four hat films, according to Jan:
"My Week with Marilyn," "The Descendants."

Three hat films, according to Jan: "The Artist."

Jan says the following films are overrated, so you should wait until they're out on DVD:
"Shame," "J. Edgar."

[ See Jan and Liam Mayclem's picks for the

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