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Wayward Dog Found In Michigan Reunited With Owner At SFO

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) -- An emotional reunion at SFO Tuesday night after a wayward dog who was found thousands of miles away in Michigan was returned to his Modesto owner.

A young lab mix named Benny is finally back home after being separated for five long months.

KPIX 5 was there for the reunion with his owner Gabby McAndrew at United Cargo Tuesday night. She brought his favorite treats to welcome him back into her arms after his long journey from Michigan to Chicago to San Francisco.

Benny lived with McAndrew and her husband at Fort Campbell, on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee, where McAndrew's husband was stationed. While they were packing up for their move to Modesto, Benny disappeared.

SFO dog family photo
Gabby McAndrew, her husband and Benny the dog (CBS)

"One of the movers either left the door open, or the side gate open and Benny was gone," said McAndrew.

But she never gave up on finding him. She recently turned to Facebook, typed in "Benny the dog." It eventually brought her to Bay County Animal Control, which is located 100 miles north of Detroit, Michigan. Benny was featured in its weekly spotlight on animals, and up for adoption.

"I cried, I couldn't believe it, because I thought he was dead," she said.

A police officer had picked up the stray dog.

"Then to be notified by a family in California that we have their dog, was really a shock to all of us," said Mike Halstead of Bay County Animal Control.

Benny was microchipped, but his address was listed as the old military base. Just how Benny made it to Michigan is still a mystery.

"I'm baffled to tell you the truth, because I'm like, how the heck did he even get there?" McAndrew wondered.

While that mystery might never be solved, McAndrew at last has her best friend back.

McAndrew said she plans to tell her husband the news via FaceTime. He is currently stationed in the Middle East. He is expected back home in February 2020.


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