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Wayward coyote diverted off I-280 in San Francisco Thursday

SAN FRANCISCO -- Animal control officers aren't usually tasked with traffic duties but, on Thursday, they managed to safely reroute a wily coyote that had somehow found itself on a freeway in San Francisco.

San Francisco Animal Care and Control received a report in the morning of a coyote hiding behind yellow sand barrels to the side of southbound Interstate Highway 280 near Mission Bay. With a little help from California Highway Patrol and police officers, the coyote was escorted off the freeway safely, an animal control spokesperson said.

Coyote in S.F.
A coyote that was hiding behind yellow sand barrels on I-280 south near Mission Bay in San Francisco Nov, 30, 2023 heads down an offramp the help of the San Francisco Police Department.  SFACC via Bay City News

"The coyote was healthy and unharmed, just a little tired," said the spokesperson.

SF Animal Care and Control said that they are always there to assist coyotes that may need a helping hand. The department estimates that there are at least 100 coyotes that live in the city. Anyone can call emergency dispatch at (415) 554-9400 to report an animal.

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