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Watch: Video shows burglars ramming car into San Leandro liquor store ATM

Caught on camera: Burglars ram car into San Leandro liquor store
Caught on camera: Burglars ram car into San Leandro liquor store 02:10

A group of burglars were caught on surveillance video as they smashed a car into a  San Leandro liquor store early Thursday morning, causing serious damage to the business. 

The attempted burglary happened at the Gourmet Cellar on Washington Avenue, leaving behind a path of destruction and a very frustrated shop owner. 

According to police, the incident happened at around 3:45 a.m. So far no one has been caught. The burglars were only able to get away with some cigarettes as far as the owner can tell, but the real cost is the damage they left behind. 

This surveillance video shows an unsuccessful attempt to snatch a liquor store's ATM. The car drives back and forth, repeatedly smashing into the machine after a group of at least three burglars drove it through the front door of the business, breaking the glass entry doors to get inside. 

Those people have nothing else to do. I think it's their job and they're doing very well," said Gourmet Cellar owner Tony Singh. Not getting any help

Singh received the call from his security company early Thursday. He rushed over to find a huge mess.

The ATM was still there, hanging on by two bolts in the ground. 

The repairs will be expensive. The burglary also cost Singh his sense of security. 

"We pay heavy fees. We pay all of the licenses and everything," said Singh. "All of the things we do and you end up in this way."

The video also shows the moment the burglars managed to knock out the store's electricity. All of frozen goods at the shop went bad overnight. 

It was more collateral damage for a small businessman who's already moved his store once from downtown Oakland. He hoped to avoid crime after he was victimized there. 

Singh doesn't know how much more he can take. 

"[The] mom-and-pop store is the backbone of America, but not today. They're breaking all of us one by one," he said.. 

The same silver vehicle was later found abandoned on Enterprise Way in Oakland. Apparently it was used to ram into another business at that location as well.

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