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Crowds line San Francisco's waterfront for Blue Angels' Fleet Week air show

KPIX Special: Fleet Week Spectacular Friday Blue Angels Air Show
KPIX Special: Watch the Fleet Week Spectacular Friday Blue Angels Air Show 47:08

SAN FRANCISCO -- The thunderous roars of the Blue Angels took over the San Francisco skyline Friday afternoon as the jets executed their complex aerobatics to the delight of the large crowd gathered to watch at the waterfront.

 The deafening sounds of fighter jets could be heard from miles away.

"Watching the Blue Angels, the sound and everything is amazing.  It's one of those fun days that we try to do every year," said Pleasanton resident Mark McLaughlin.  

McLaughlin brought his 9-year-old son Finlay to San Francisco Fleet Week hours before the Blue Angels were scheduled to fly to take in the whole experience. He got to sit inside a fighter jet cockpit.

"I kind of like it because I like jets," said Finlay.

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Many families didn't mind the hot weather in the city, saying it was perfect to kick off Fleet Week.

"I think it's our third year coming out. And yes, the warmest year we've had for sure," said Pleasanton Jason Seay.

There were plenty of games and activities to keep the families busy, from robots to a U.S. Navy scuba diver playing tic tac toe underwater with children.

Warm, clear skies Friday guaranteed Fleet Week fun for everyone 04:12

"The hardest thing is you realized when you write on the window, everything you're writing, I'm reading it backwards and upside down. So I'm trying to figure that out as I'm going," said Navy diver Gage Finn.

Finn said he went to a Fleet Week event and saw the dive tank almost two decades ago as a kid. Now he's part of the Navy.

"It's funny how it came full circle now that I'm here in the tank," said Finn.

Other government agencies joined in the fun as well. Cal OES had an earthquake simulator at the event to show people what it was like to have a 7.0 magnitude earthquake.  Families sat inside a room being jolted violently.

But everything came to a standstill when the Blue Angels took over the Bay Area skies and turned them into their playground shortly after 3:15 p.m.

All eyes and ears were focused on the fighter jets flying just feet apart from each other.

There were plenty of spectators along the waterfront. People were watching from rooftops. Some first responders were watching from the top of their vehicles. They said it never gets old watching the Blue Angels perform.

As for McLaughlin, it was a mission accomplished.

"I think it's a good bonding moment for us and the boys," said McLaughlin.The air show will continue for two more days on Saturday and Sunday.

The full air show from Friday that was aired and livestreamed by CBS News Bay Area will also be rebroadcast in its entirety on PIX+ this weekend, playing Saturday at 3:30 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m.  

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