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Walnut Creek Woman Set For Life-Saving Kidney Donation From Longtime Friend, Co-Worker

WALNUT CREEK (KPIX 5) -- A Walnut Creek woman who learned she had the same kidney disease that killed her grandfather, mother and uncle is getting a live-saving transplant from someone near to her, literally and figuratively.

Jody Miranda will be getting a kidney from her friend and longtime co-worker at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, Teri Lineker.

For the past nine years, Lineker and Miranda have been a team in the Emergency Department.

We're like sisters," said Lineker. "We mess with each other during the day."

Miranda was suffering from renal failure after years of polycystic kidney disease.

"Maybe two years ago things really started to hit and my kidney's started failing really bad," said Miranda.

When she started getting sick, that's when I started getting worried because I know she's got kids," said Lineker. "She's a single parent."

Jody started dialysis but knew she would eventually need a kidney transplant.

I figured I'd never know the donor," said Miranda. "They said there was an eight-and-a-half year waiting list for my blood type.

But just as their personalities clicked, so did their blood types - and Lineker surprised her friend with the offer to donate a kidney.

"I'm like are you serious? She was, 'why, you don't want me to?'" laughed Miranda. "I said, 'No! Of course I do!' It's just, wow."

"She needs to be around for her kids and if I can give her something to help her live then that's the important thing," said Lineker.

Surgery is scheduled for Friday and the two have inspired coworkers who've chipped in with a Gofundme page, personal days and more … to help the friends recuperate.

"It's going to change my life forever," said Miranda. But some things won't change.

"Oh, I'll still pick on her," laughed Lineker.

These two have helped others when life itself seemed to be in question. Lineker said this is an extension of who she is and there is no uncertainty.

"Life's short," Lineker said. "And if you can help someone extend their life … I wish more people would do it."

Lineker will likely be off of work for six weeks. Miranda will have a longer recovery and be off for at least two-and-a-half months.


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