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Walnut Creek Pickpockets Target Women With Purses

WALNUT CREEK (CBS SF) -- A pair of pickpockets were caught on camera in Walnut Creek and police have released the video in an effort to identify the suspects.

They've allegedly stolen several wallets over the past month. They work fast and if you're not paying attention, you'd never know you were robbed.

But there's a simple move that can keep women from becoming a target.

In the surveillance video, the suspected thieves sit next to unsuspecting patrons, dig into their victims purse and from the looks of it, take their wallet.

Walnut Creek police Lt. Lanney Edwards said, "They then leave the restaurant. Go to a business and use the stolen credit cards before the victims even know their wallets have been stolen. That's happened in three different restaurants."

Now Walnut Creek police are releasing photos of the suspects, hoping someone can recognize them.

Walnut Creek customer Marta Spanos said she thinks it's scary and that it's not something she thinks about most of the time.

The crime trend hitting downtown Walnut Creek has some women asking a practical question: What are you supposed to do?

Police have some advice.

"If you have a purse, don't hang it on the chair. Hang it on the knee or have it seated in front of you with your foot on the strap," Lt. Edwards said.

Walnut Creek customer Sophie Chance said the pickpockets will change how she behaves.

"I'm not going to hang it on the side anymore," Chance said.

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