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Google Robot 'Dog' Faces Off Against Ticked-Off Terrier

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) -- What happens when two dogs -- one a robot, the other a flesh-and-blood animal – face off?

He may be much smaller, but in a clip recently posted by Google's robotics arm Boston Dynamics, a terrier named Cosmo proves he's not one to back down.

The video features Boston Dynamics' robot dog "Spot" and the real four-legged pet owned by Android co-founder Andy Rubin.

In the clip, the terrier barks at Spot throughout the encounter, circling, confronting and even chasing down Spot.

Paul Saffo -- a Bay Area based technology forecaster -- says the viral video is cute, but it's more of a novelty than anything for now.

"The Boston Dynamics technology is really fascinating, but it is a long, long way from commercial production," said Saffo. "It's still essentially a research project."

According to technology website, the military thought Spot could join ground reconnaissance.

But there's no word right now on what its future holds for Spot on the battlefield or in households.

Google representatives did not respond to our media request.

"There's something about human nature that wants to see intelligence and emotion in machines, so without a doubt people will buy robotic pets in the future," said Saffo. "But in the meantime, the real thing is cheaper."

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