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Viral Video Of Violent Teen Fight Raises Concerns In Vallejo

VALLEJO (CBS SF) -- A disturbing viral video of a violent fight between two teens in Vallejo on was raising serious questions on Tuesday.

In the two days since it was posted on YouTube, the clip has more than 100,000 views.

In the video, two teenagers who have been identified as 15-year-old Holly Wrixon and 15-year-old Morgan Johnson are seen fighting in the driveway of a Vallejo home Sunday afternoon.

In the video, Wrixon is the blonde girl who, after exchanging words with the teen boy, appears to try and slap Johnson.

That's when things escalate quickly. The teenage boy then grabs Wrixon and slams her to the ground.

The impact is so hard that it appears to completely disorient Wrixon and might even have briefly knocked her unconscious as her friends tend to her.

Johnson is also seen scuffling with another young woman who tried to intervene just before the body slam occurred.

While the video is upsetting and difficult to watch, the violence is not all that surprising to Vallejo resident Ronald Hedge.

"It's so bad. It's so evil right now that it's hard to make a call on something like that," said Hedge. "It's just so ugly, but living here, I see it every day."

After being slammed onto the ground, Wrixon appears to have a hard time getting up. As she tried to sit up, it seems she might be having a seizure.

Wrixon was taken to a local hospital, but KPIX 5 was not able to learn her current condition.

The clip has generated quite a discussion online. Some YouTube comments have called Holly the aggressor in this case while others see her as a victim of abuse.

According to reports, Vallejo police were called to the scene during the incident, but authorities had not confirmed that there was an ongoing investigation into the fight as of early Tuesday afternoon.

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