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Vigil in Oakland's Little Saigon honors AAPI victims of recent killings

Vigil in Oakland's Little Saigon honors AAPI victims of recent killings
Vigil in Oakland's Little Saigon honors AAPI victims of recent killings 01:58

OAKLAND (KPIX) -- Residents of Oakland's Little Saigon said they've had enough of the senseless violence against Asian Americans, including respected community dentist Dr. Lili Xu and Uber driver Patrick Fung. 

Leaders and citizens gathered Friday evening at Clinton Park to call for peace and grieve the recent brutal killings that have left the city heartbroken. 

"We're here today to say there is no place for violence in this town," Oakland councilmember Nikki Fortunato Bas told the crowd.  

She said the purpose of the vigil was to channel the community's anger and grief into healing and solutions.

She also had a message for those who commit violence: 

"We want to offer resources, services, we want to make sure people have the jobs, the housing the things that will address some of the real causes that cause people to harm others," Fortunato Bas said. 

Clinton Park in Little Saigon, where Xu was gunned down on Sunday, became a space for solidarity. 

Volunteer security ambassadors in vests are just one part of the city's multi-strategy approach. This week OPD said it would increase police presence in Little Saigon 24 hours a day following the brazen shooting that left Xu dead. 

Surveillance video showed that shortly after Xu's black sedan parked across the street from a massage parlor, a white car pulled up. In a matter of seconds, two bullets struck Xu in the back. 

"We stand as community chaplains, as pastors, to show that we stand in solidarity -- support. We offer whatever resources we can offer and we offer conversations with our churches and our parishioners so that they can understand how they can be a support in the light of all that's going on," said Pastor Phyllis Scott with Pastors of Oakland. 

Faith leaders, including Scott, led prayers and stepped up to be a part of the conversation to bridge Black and Asian communities.

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