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VIDEO: Daredevil Dirt Bike Rider Jumps Across Busy Highway

RIVERSIDE (CBS SF) -- An Instagram post showing a daredevil dirt bike rider jumping hundreds of feet in the air, and soaring over busy Highway 60 in Southern California is going viral.

Video of the death-defying feat was posted on social media. Before launching over the freeway the rider can be seen accelerating up a dirt path carved from the hillside, and then lift off. Below there's plenty of traffic but who knows if the stunt was even noticed.

The stunning video shot from the air and ground was posted to Kyle Katsandris' Instagram account, along with a Youtube channel - which features several other clips of Katsandris doing stunts and tricks on his bike

For those who make a habit of using the 60 freeway in Moreno Valley near the spot of the stunt, there is disbelief anyone would attempt something like this.

"In controlled environments like they're doing in arenas or something like that - that's ok because they are the ones exposed to risk," says Ivan Milosavljevic.

But over the highway, Milosavljevic's wife Irena says it puts others at risk. What if something went wrong?

"Becoming a threat to other people as well. Not only to himself. It's not only about his injuries, it's about other people, yeah," she says.

CBS reached out to Katsandris. A man who identified himself as a friend called back saying this stunt is almost routine for an experienced rider like Katsandris. It just looks more challenging because of where he pulled it off.

On Katsandris' Instagram account, someone posted:

"This video scared the daylights out of me. Please grandpa Jay died in a Sandrail ---AND OFF ROAD VEHICLE - accident - like you he had no fear. But it caught him in the end. Don't go into danger zones."

Meantime, the California Highway Patroland Riverside County Sheriffs Department are both investigating.

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