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Victim, SFPD Hope Video Of Getaway Car Leads To Arrest In Violent Assault, Dognapping In Russian Hill

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) -- It has been one month since the violent assault and dognapping in San Francisco's Russian Hill. Police have released more details on the case in hopes of finding the suspect and KPIX spoke to the woman who survived the attack.

"I went back to work this week which has been hard, to start a return to normal," says Sarah Vorhaus. "I haven't been sleeping. Chloe was my emotional support, and not having her during the hardest time in my life has been really tough."

The bruises she had one month ago are gone, but Sarah Vorhaus says the trauma of the attack and the loss of her French Bulldog are still very much with her. Also still with her, is the outpouring of support offers of help from people far and wide.

"I'm so pleasantly reminded of how good everyone else in the world is and how much people want to help, that's the only thing getting us through," she says.

So far, however, there has been no sign of Chloe, or the men who attacked her.

"All I'm trying to do is get the message out there and share Chloe's face and my story so that we can get her back safely and say that these men are caught so they don't do this to someone else," Vorhaus says.

"That's why we are asking the public to help provide us with any information that might help us make an identification of the suspects," explains Officer Robert Rueca of the San Francisco Police Department.

Friday, police unveiled images of the suspects' car. They had previously blurred the car out of the grainy video that captured their getaway.

"Our investigators tried to exhaust all of their leads prior to pushing that information out to the public," Ruexa says.

The hope is that the new images of the car and some renewed attention on the case might bring some justice, and help bring Chloe home.

"I wake up every single morning, the first thing I think of is Chloe," Vorhaus says. "I just hope other people think that too. This could take a while."

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