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Vallejo Disturbance Leads To Discovery of Multiple Ghost Guns, Explosives, Ammo; 2 Arrested

VALLEJO (CBS SF) -- Police responding to a disturbance in Vallejo arrested two men who were found with an arsenal of unserialized "ghost guns," explosives and ammunition. police said.

Vallejo police officers were called to a report of a domestic disturbance at about 11 a.m. Wednesday on the 800 block of Miller Ave. Officers learned that a woman had been confronted by two men, identified as 21-year-old Vincent Souza and 22-year-old Anthony Souza, who had a package stolen from their front porch.

The two had armed themselves with a bat and gun engaged in a physical altercation with the woman. who struck by the suspects and was left with bruising and a laceration, police said.

Officers located the suspects and victim in front of the suspects' residence. A protective sweep discovered several illegal assault rifles in plain view, police said.

Vincent Souza, Anthony Souza
(L-R) Vincent Souza, Anthony Souza (Vallejo Police Department)

After obtaining a search warrant, a thorough search of the home turned up multiple non-serialized AR-15 type assault rifles, drum magazines, pistols and other firearms: 8 unregistered handguns, 6 unregistered assault rifles, 2 inert grenades, 700 total rounds of 40 caliber, 9 millimeter and .223 armor piercing ammunition, 17 high capacity magazines, 3 drum magazines, a suppressor and a ballistic vest.

"We're extremely grateful that these suspects were safely apprehended and taken into custody by our officers," Vallejo Police Chief Shawny Williams said in a prepared statement. "The possession of these illegal firearms, ammunition and explosives is nefarious in nature and a huge contributor to the cycle of violence on our streets. We're glad to know that this recovery potentially made a significant impact toward crime reduction."

Both Vincent and Anthony Souza were arrested and booked into the Solano County Jail on charges including assault with a deadly weapon, possession of illegal assault weapons, exhibiting firearms, possession of large capacity magazines and carrying loaded firearms.


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