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Vallejo City Council holds applicant interviews for new police oversight, accountability commission

PIX Now morning edition 2-10-24
PIX Now morning edition 2-10-24 10:27

The Vallejo City Council held a special meeting Saturday morning to interview applicants for the city's new Police Oversight and Accountability Commission. 

The meeting was in the Vallejo Room at the John F. Kennedy Library, 505 Santa Clara St., at 9:30 a.m.  

The commission will have seven members and two alternative members appointed by the mayor and City Council, according to the city's website. The seven members will be representatives from each council district and one youth representative between the ages of 18 and 25.

Some of the roles of the commission are to advise the mayor, City Council, city manager and police chief on police/community relations issues and to receive written complaints from the public alleging misconduct by police officers.

Districts 1, 2 and 6 received two applicants each; District 5 received six applicants, District 3 received four applicants and District 4 received three applicants. No one applied for the youth member position.  

All positions on the commission will be filled by unpaid volunteers.  

Recent Backlash Against Vallejo Police

The Vallejo Police Department recently received a lot of scrutiny over a Netflix docu-series, "American Nightmare," that recounts the so-called "Gone Girl" case about a couple on Mare Island who were targeted by a kidnapper and rapist. 

The department's social media page was flooded with angry comments, some toward the detective who investigated the case.

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