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UPDATE: San Francisco Cable Cars Still Out of Service Due to Ongoing Electrical Issue

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- For the third day, residents and visitors in San Francisco won't have the option of taking the city's iconic cable cars to their destination due to an ongoing electrical issue, according to transit officials.

The SFMTA made the announcement about the continuing electrical problem at the cable car barn via the transit agency's official Twitter account Saturday morning.

Limited bus service is covering the Powell, Powell-Hyde, Powell-Mason and California cable car lines, officials said.

The problem at the cable car barn surfaced Thursday afternoon, with officials initially saying that the facility had to be evacuated.

Transit officials later said that incorrect information had been posted on Twitter, clarifying that an issue in a utility room had produced smoke, but that there was no evacuation or any injuries to report. The issue also caused a power outage.

Maintenance crews have been unable to fix the problem since then. Officials are saying cable car service will not be restored until further notice.

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