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University Of California's Proposal To Hike Tuition For Next 5 Years At Odds With Gov. Brown

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Tuition at the University of California's 10 campuses would rise by as much as 5 percent in each of the next five years under a plan UC President Janet Napolitano that is at odds with Gov. Jerry Brown.

University Of California's Proposal To Hike Tuition Hike For Next 5 Years At Odds With Gov. Brown

The multi-year increase would bring next fall's tuition to $12, 800 then go up 5% each year for the next four years. Tuition has been frozen since 2011 and the Napolitano said these increases could be reduced depending on how much they get from Gov. Brown's January budget.

UC Chief Financial Officer Nathan Brostrom said that even with scheduled increases and the California's commitment to the University system, they need more money because the state funding is unpredictable.

He said it does not give the UC system or students enough lead time to prepare for the start of each fiscal year.

"Students weren't able to make plans. They didn't know what the cost of education would be when they were making their decision in April or May," Brostrom said.

Napolitano will present the plan to the system's governing board a plan, the Associate Press reports.

Brown has already increased UC funding from the state budget and as a UC regent may use his authority to and influence to try to kill the increase.

"He does not want to have a tuition increase and that's an area we're going to continue to work with him," Brostrom said.

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, who also sits on the Board of Regents, told KCBS that while a multi-year tuition hike allows students to better plan their budgets, it also takes pressure off the governor and Legislature to fully fund higher education.

"Remember we came in and cut $2 billion of funding for higher education forcing massive tuition increases then we said, 'okay, since we in essence robbed the bank, we said we're not going to rob you for a more years.' And then we're right back—surprise, surprise—right after the election, Newsom said. "I don't mean to be cynical but the timing of this seems curious as heck."

Late this month, the UC regents will be asked to approve a tuition hike equaling about $612 per year.

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