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UC Davis Health one of first in U.S. to offer this cutting-edge tech for knee pain

A look at cutting-edge knee tech at UC Davis Health
A look at cutting-edge knee tech at UC Davis Health 01:39

SACRAMENTO — A cutting-edge technology is giving people with knee pain hope, and UC Davis Health is one of the first in the country to offer it.

Whether it's work or play, Joe Barron has always been on the go, but there was always one thing slowing him down: knee pain since the 80s, and double-digit surgeries to go along with it.

"It was to the point where it would hurt to walk, it would hurt to pivot," he said. "I would not have knee alignments."

Then, Joe's doctor recommended something new called the Misha knee system, an implantable tool that's basically a shock absorber for the knee.

Dr. Casandra Lee is the chief of orthopedic sports medicine at UC Davis Health. Dr. Lee calls the device "a game changer."

"This is a first-of-its-kind shock absorber that's made specifically for mild to moderate arthritis of the inside part of the knee," she said. "So, the medial part of the knee."

Dr. Lee said this new device shares the load and takes 30% of the weight off the inside part of the knee.

"This is something where we can actually buy more time before actually needing an actual knee replacement," she added.

Barron said that despite feeling reluctant to undergo more surgeries, he knew the Misha knee system would provide him stability.

So far, it has. The system allows him to give 100%, whether it's directed toward firefighting or family.

"Now I can go out there and not be reluctant to where I'm walking," he said. "I feel confident in my ability to be active."

Dr. Lee said there is still a need for data that sheds light on long-term outcomes for the device, but it should give people like Barron more freedom to do what they love.

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