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UC Board Of Regents Recommend Gov. Brown and Janet Napolitano Form 2-Person Advisory Committee

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)_ California Gov. Jerry Brown and University of California President Janet Napolitano have gotten the go-ahead to form themselves into an intimate two-person committee that will look at ways of resolving their standoff over state funding for high education and the necessity of tuition increases.

The two leaders asked fellow members of the university's governing board on Wednesday to name them as the sole members of the Select Advisory Committee on the Cost Structure of the University. It was a quick and unanimous vote by the board committee.

Over the next two months, Brown and Napolitano will consider and debate some of the proposals the governor says would allow the university to serve more students without either big budget increases or tuition hikes.

They include moving classes online, increasing the hours faculty devote to teaching and spurring students to complete their studies in four years or less.

Before a committee of the Board of Regents, Gov. Brown answered criticism from outside of the University that he and the University president would have complete authority over policy changes.

"It's not only advisory, it's rather preliminary because the board is the ultimate authority and there is a delegation of the faculty, but it is a shared governance," said Brown.

The committee's recommendation will be sent to the full Board of Regents Thursday morning where the two-person committee is expected to be approved.

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