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Lyft Drivers 'Screwed Over' By Feud Between Ridesharing Companies

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- Rumors of guerrilla tactics and accusations have been swirling in the world of ridesharing, with drivers claiming they're stuck in the middle.

"Oh it's been a blood feud," one man who drives for both Uber and Lyft, and wished to remain anonymous told KPIX 5.

Tech site 'The Verge' unveiled documents accusing Uber of secretly trying to recruit drivers from Lyft.

The report claims Uber gives employees "burner" phones and credit cards to create dummy accounts, which are then used to schedule rides and cancel them, wasting drivers' time and gas.

"I've just noticed in the past few days in a row, fifteen cancellations - catch the ride, cancel the ride."

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"It's cut our wages considerably since January.  And they have their twenty percent they're now taking out.  And on top of that, Uber is implementing a program they're charging ten dollars a month just to use their platforms, and use their phones," he said.

Uber allegedly emailed drivers offering $500 if they could convert Lyft drivers.

"We're the ones stuck in the middle, you know getting basically screwed over by their wars."

Uber did not verify the documents, and said there were inaccuracies with 'The Verge' report, but would not clarify.


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