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Uber Driver Claims He Was Assaulted Because Passenger Thought He Was Muslim

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (CBS SF) -- An Uber driver claims he was attacked by a passenger because the man apparently thought he was a Muslim, a North Carolina news outlet reported.

Samson Woldemichael says the passenger asked him if he was Muslim.

"I told him in the first place I was not a Muslim. It's not right to generalize people and do that," Woldemichael told WBTV in Charlotte.

Woldemichael said the assault began when they reached the passenger's destination.

"He said he's gonna shoot me right in the face. He's gonna strangle me," Woldemichael said.

He says that after the man threatened to kill him, he asked Woldemichael to get out of the car.

"I started driving because I didn't feel safe anymore to park there. So after driving around the block, he hit from the back real hard on the forehead. He charged with one, and he was beating with the other repeatedly on my head," Woldemichael said.

No arrests have been made in the case, and Charlotte police are investigating.

Woldemichael has a message for his fellow Americans.

"There are people who are not originally from here, but who are really Americans in their hearts. They love the system. They love the country, and they want to protect the system here," Woldemichael said, adding "They believe in America, so it's better to work with them than generalizing them and attacking them."

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