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U.S. Senate Candidate Kamala Harris Skeptical Of Stanford Sex Assailant's Reduced Sentencing

OAKLAND (CBS SF) -- California Attorney General Kamala Harris will face U.S. Representative Loretta Sanchez in the November general election for the U.S. Senate race. During front-runner Harris' first post-primary stop in Oakland Wednesday morning, she weighed in on some major issues, including the recent conviction and sentencing of ex-Stanford University student Brock Turner for sexual assault.

"The concern I have in that case is that the victim's voice was not heard. It was not respected. She was not given dignity in the process," Harris said.

The usually reserved attorney general waded into the controversial six month jail sentence given to Turner for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman at a frat party last year - which has become the subject of national outrage.

"I have not had time to read the transcript. But I am very concerned about that. As you know I have personally prosecuted rape cases, and sexual assault and child molestation cases and when someone is facing 14 years exposure, there has got to be extraordinary mitigation facts to reduce down to six months. And I don't know if the facts actually met that kind of mitigation." Harris said.

In the primary, Harris was far and away the front-runner with 40 percent of the vote, followed by fellow Democrat Loretta Sanchez (Rep.-Orange County ) with 18 percent.

And three republicans: Duf Sundheim, with 8 percent, Phil Wyman with 5 percent and Tom Del Beccaro with 4 percent.

None of the Republican candidates broke double digits.

Sanchez could win come November, but she would need Republicans to do it.

GOP Vice Chair- Harmeet Dhillon said, "It's the choice between left and far left."

Dhillon said of Republicans voters in November: "Probably a lot are going to leave that blank and not vote."

Here's a couple more questions from KPIX5 that Harris answered in Oakland on Wednesday:

Q. KPIX5's Phil Matier: Let's take a look at some issues affecting Northern California. How do you feel about high speed rail?
A. CA Attorney General Kamala Harris: I am in support of high speed rail, however, we need to make sure there are not cost overruns.

Q. Matier: How about a second BART tunnel or Bridge across the Bay?
A. Harris: That's an interesting idea, I'll take a look at that.

Q. Matier: What about legalized marijuana?
A. Harris: Ah listen, I am not opposed to legalized marijuana, but there are some details we are going to have to work out including testing for impairment while driving

Q. Matier: And the Governor's plan for tunnels to ship delta water south?
A. Harris: I'm supporting them.

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