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U.S. Navy Admits UFOs Captured On Video Exist; Expert Speculates They're From Earth

MT. HAMILTON (KPIX 5) -- The U.S. Navy has finally admitted the existence of the unidentified flying objects their pilots captured on video that had the world speculating that they could be extraterrestrial life.

A couple years after the videos released, Navy Spokesperson Joe Gradisher called the objects in the three declassified military clips "unidentified aerial phenomena."

But at the top of Mt. Hamilton at the Lick Observatory in Santa Clara County, where astronomers look at the sky every night, Dr. Paul Lynam said the UFOs are not likely from outer space, but rather here from Earth.

He said he didn't want to speculate, but said it's possible the objects may be aircraft--like a drone--from another government agency that the Navy had never seen before. He said that's happened in the past.

"To make a leap and propose they could be piloted by aliens or anything like that, I think that's a step too far," Lynam said. "Many observatories and scientists around the world spend a lot of time looking at the night sky, and no one of my colleagues has told me that they've met green men."

Two of the videos were released in 2017, and another earlier this year. The black and white videos show flying spherical objects that have even the Navy pilots excited and speculating on what they could be. One pilot theorizes that it could be a drone.

The Navy said the clips are just a fraction of what their pilots see in the sky.

Lynam said in all the years he's been an astronomer, he's seen fascinating objects in the sky, but never any extraterrestrial life--yet.

"I subscribe to the fact that I would need evidence and maybe in our lifetimes we will have that evidence," said Lynam. "I've never really seen anything I couldn't explain."

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