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Typo In Siemens' High-Speed Rail Display At State Capitol?

UPDATE: Siemens has fixed the "g," that was damaged during set-up.

SACRAMENTO (CBS SF) -- California's High-Speed Rail Authority will soon award a massive contract to one of at least 10 bidders who want to build the new bullet train from San Francisco (or Sacramento) to Southern California.  If Siemens gets the job, though, they might consider subcontracting with a painter to handle the lettering.

In a photo being mocked on social media of the Siemens mock-up of its design, the bold statement on the train's side takes a bit of a folksy flair: "Connectin Cities at 220 miles per hour."

The conspicuously absent "g" gives it more of a laid-back, "Connectin' Folks" feel, but Siemens wasn't going for that.

In other photos of the train including one on, the "g" is there, but somehow, it got erased, removed or covered as the sleek train display was being set up at the capital.

It turns out the "g" was damaged in loading.  Siemens called CBS SF to report the elusive letter was re-applied, and was only off for a few hours as the crew was setting up the display.

The train model is there for a two-day event officially beginning tomorrow where Siemens hopes to drum up support for its work. The Sacramento Business Journal reports the two-day event on the west steps of the California State Capitol is not part of the authorized public bidding process for the valuable government contract.

The phrase on the side of the train, with or without the "g" does also not appear to be an official phrase used by the program.  The official slogan used in the 2014 business plan for the California High-Speed Rail Authority is "Connecting California."

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